EasyPark, A fully integrated solution - SaaS

Easy Park is a fully integrated smart parking management system comprising all relevant aspects of parking operations from both the city's and driver's perspectives.The EasyPark solution is provided as a SaaS (Software as a Service) so the cusotmer requires minimal infrastructure. 

Easy Park allows cities to improve parking services, optimize operations, cut costs, increase compliance by better parking enforcement, reduce traffic congestion and pollution and at the same time provide a better service to the drivers and city's residents.

The Easy Park solution comprises several modules that are fully integrated with each other: Personal Parking Meters(PPM), a Mobile  payments solution , the EasyPark Mobile including payments by SMS , IVR and Smart phone application  an enforcement system, various inerfaces for gated "on street" facilities, several general management modules and   a sophisticated Back Office System.

EasyPark is a single unified system combining all services into a one web based solution . The Easy Park can be tailored and customized to specifically meet customer's requirements with everything provided by a single vendor , no need to look for other suppliers!     

Small One Stop Shop

 PARX's Easy Park system has been successfully deployed in markets around the globe for the past two decade, delivering significant benefits to all stakeholders including municipalities, franchisees ,parking managers and operators, enforcement authorities and drivers.

PARX has demonstrated cost savings and revenue growth in all the locations where its parking and management solutions have been implemented. With 40% of all parking session being under 20 minutes, users tend to avoid the use of present costly and non user friendly payment systems . When offered the convenience and the ease of use of the Easy Park solution drivers are willingly paying the due parking fees resulting in a 5-10% increase of city's collected revenues. In addition the Easy park solutions does not require the city to make an upfront capital investment, no maintenance activity is required and the risk of vandalism is avoided all reducing ownership cost and cost of operations by an additional 20-30%!

No wonder over 200 cities and more than 1,250,000 drivers around the world have chosen the Easy Park product line.

Higher net income and happier customers, who can ask for more !!

PARX's unique product offering provides a comprehensive solution for on-street parking assets and parking lots. The Easy Park product line simplifies the monitoring and collection of parking fees, increases compliance using an efficient parking enforcement technology, eliminates fraud and reduces cash handling and as a result makes parking operations more efficient and more profitable for the municipality while at the same time offering a better service to the drivers