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About PARX

PARX  Smart Parking Solutions Ltd (PARX SPS ) provides parking fees payments ,enforcement systems and parking management solutions and systems  to municipalities and parking operators across the world.


PARX SPS 's  EasyPark system has been successfully deployed  in markets around the globe for the past decade, delivering significant benefits to all stakeholders including municipalities, franchisees, parking managers and operators, enforcement authorities and drivers.

Avner Small


PARX SPS's modern facility  in the Galilee, the northern part of  Israel 



PARX SPS  demonstrated cost savings and revenue growth in all the locations where its parking and management solutions have been implemented.


PARX SPS has filed several  patent applications designed to simplify current parking fees payment and management processes and render them more efficient both for the municipalities and the drivers.


Easy Park Around The World 

PARX's unique product offering provides  a comprehensive solution for on-street parking assets and parking lots. The EasyPark product line simplifies the monitoring and collection of parking fees,increases compliance using an efficient parking enforcement technology,eliminates fraud and reduces cash handling and as a result makes parking operations more efficient and more profitable for the municipality while at the  same time offering a better service to the drivers 



  • PARX SPS  Ltd. is providing parking payment solutions to municipalities and   parking operators across the world
  • Solutions implemented on a nationwide scale
  • In-house production facility
  • Fully leverages patents, IP & know-how across the entire value chain
  • 24/7 local technical support with strong R&D and engineering team 
  • PARX SPS is a subsidiary of Atrinet. Atrinet is a leading provider of Network Management solutions designed to automate and orchestrate network operations.