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The new "Multi Purse " version

As of this month a new Easy Park "Multi purse" version will be made available to our customers , The  "Multi Purse " version allows drivers to use the same  Easy Park  device in multiple cities with the same ease and convenience.   The cusotmer preloads the EasyPark PPM  with several differnet electronic wallets fo
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A New distributor for Romania

Parx , a leading supplier of parking products and technologies ,  has added a new distributor to its global network - Danubia Parking SRL Romania with a population of over 21 million people is one of the growing markets for paid parking technology . Danubia Parking SRL headed by  Mr. Mihai Atudorei will also provide techn
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A new PPP for PARX

PARX SPS Ltd together with its local partners has secured a PPP contract to manage operations and supply its EasyPark parking management system to a major South American capital.   EasyPark includes a credit card-sized electronic device that can be preloaded with parking fees and functions as an in-vehicle parking meter. Featuring a L
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