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PARX's Team


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Arnon brings to the company over 35 years of experience in marketing, R&D and general management



A former senior executive of IAI , Israel's biggest aerospace corporation and a veteran of the parking industry Arnon holds  an engineering degree from the Technion and an MBA from INSEAD, France







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Director of operations and business development  


Responsible for day to day management and operations of the Easy Park product line in Israel, with over 40 cities and more than 700,000 users and some 200 cities and universities around the globe










Easy Park  product manager   


Oren holds a Bsc degree from the Hebrew university in Jerusalem and a Master's degree from Tel Aviv university


Oren serves as the Easy Park  Product Manager responsible for product configuration, the EasyPark Back End System management and for customers' technical support 






Our R&D Teams


  PARX SPS R&D team - Working on the next great idea !