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Parx expands EasyPark offering

PARX Expands EasyPark Offering; Launches Patented Integrated Information and Payment System

  •  EasyPark is the first system to automatically link between a specific parking space and payment device, providing cities with real-time utilization of the city real estate and parking management
  • EasyPark provides cities with the ability to implement a modular, cost effective solution with minimum investment
  • New EasyPark system will be presented at the Intertraffic show inAmsterdam, March 27-30, 2012 booth 03.316

Amsterdam, Netherlands, March 26, 2012 -PARX Ltd. ("PARX") a subsidiary of OTI (NASDAQ GM: OTIV) announced today the launch of its newly designed EasyPark™ parking information and payment system. The new system is designed to provide municipalities with a 'one-stop-shop' for all their information and payment needs revolving around parking payment. The system was designed and built taking into consideration the budget constraints of municipalities, allowing for cost effective modular implementation. At the center of the system is the EasyPark in-vehicle device providing the most cost effective and secured payment for parking solution to date. EasyPark is communicating with supporting information systems to provide real-time data for the driver and city.


EasyPark is a unique solution where various parking technologies are fully integrated to form one comprehensive parking system. With this solution, each driver can choose his preferred payment method, and can receive additional complementary services and information directly via his mobile phone.


The system, based on extensive patent and IP portfolio, allows for accurate automatic identification of vehicle and parking space, without the need to leave the vehicle, thus providing cities and drivers key new functionalities such as, among others:


  •  Real Time occupancy- Patented system to manage real-time parking occupancy info as well as automatic cost effective settlement of payment, to allow cities optimal utilization of their real estate, dynamic parking rates and efficient enforcement
  • Guidance to available parking spot - Assisting drivers in locating an available parking space near their destination
  • Mobile phone services- A state of the art pay-by-phone parking service with various mobile input methods (smartphone app, text messages (SMS) and voice)
  • Off-street parking  - enables automatic access and payment at private and public parking lots

The numerous additional benefits to participating cities, drivers and residents range from offering better managed parking services with fast and convenient payment methods, and the elimination of lost time, wasted gasoline, polluted air and traffic congestion - due to drivers hunting for parking.


"This new suite of products and services that we are launching today was designed and developed based on our vast experience serving many municipalities around the globe," said Oded Bashan, PARX's Chairman. "We have designed EasyPark to successfully cope and address the fast paced changes cities face, and accordingly we are offering several payment methods and real time data that are fully integrated, including a set of complementary services to assist drivers when paying for parking."


About PARX ( )

PARX Ltd. is a subsidiary of OTI (NASDAQ GM: OTIV) that develops, markets, operates and distributes advanced parking solutions, including the EasyPark™ system. PARX and EasyPark are currently serving 125 municipalities around the world.


About On Track Innovations Ltd. (

On Track Innovations Ltd. ("OTI") designs, develops and markets ID-credentialing, payment and loyalty applications based on its extensive patent and IP portfolio. OTI combines standards-compliant and state-of-the-art, contactless microprocessor-based technologies and enabling hardware with proprietary software applications to deliver high performance, end-to-end solutions that are secure, robust and scalable. OTI solutions have been deployed around the world to address homeland security, national ID, medical ID, contactless payment and NFC solutions, loyalty applications, petroleum payment, parking and mass transit ticketing. OTI markets and supports its solutions through a global network of regional offices and alliances.


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