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Easy Parking Access Revenue Control System

Off street" parking management solutions are usually based on cumbersome equipment installations that are both expensive and inconvenient for the user ( anyone who has waited an hour after a concert to pay for parking is familiar with the problem.. )


At PARX we have decided to apply the latest technology to provide our customers with the best solutions at the lowest cost. We at PARX do not manufacture H/W but we source out the best products and using our Unified Parking Management Solution provide a seamlessly integrated system fully customized to client's  requirements


Using our EasyPark Mobile solution the drivers are guided , turn by turn , to ourfacilities. Drivers are able to open the gate and enter the parking lot. Occupancy sensors installed in minutes provide the drivers and owners with real time information and occupancy date. When        leaving the facility, the driver can pay due parking fees using his smart phone application without going to the pay on foot machine. The whole process is both paperless and cashless


Our simple to install and operate but rugged and reliable ALPR cameras provide quick entrance to the facility to tenants and visitors while visitor's management can be performed on line by the various stakeholders. Smart Phone basedCondi Management validation terminals are allowing the shops to provide incentives to customers. Hotels are also provided with a simple parking management system they can propose to their guest at minimum cost 


The whole management process is monitored by a state of the art Analytics using the latest in "Big Data " technology in order to provide the facility managers with the best tools in the trade .

EasyPark Unified Parking Management System brings a new dimension to the parking industry providing the new EasyPARCS  solution