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EasyPark Private

The Problem

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There is a growing shortage of parking spaces in large urban centers caused by the increasing  number of vehicles competing on same limited parking resources.                                                         


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 The Solution 


Most of residential and private parking spaces are free most of the time, when the owners are away..

EasyPark Private provides a smart market place to match private parking spaces owners and drivers who wish to secure a parking space at a reasonable price 

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Private parking spaces owners can list their spaces and their availability on the EasyPark Private system in cities where the service is deployed . The system  will guide  drivers to nearby vacant private parking spaces that are made available by their owners when they are not in use. Drivers can even book a parking space in advance via their smart phone.


And now, start your Easy Park Private business in your own town ! 


As our business partner we will provide you with a full SAAS, IOS and Android applications Training and technical support 


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