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A Parking Marshal System

PARX  provides its customers with a range of parking management solutions based on the specific market requirements


One of the proposed systems is the "Parking Marshals" solution also known as a "Human Pay &Display" (HP&DS)


The HP&DS functions as follows:




  1. The driver approaches the "Parking Marshal" (parking attendant)  , The Parking Marshal carries a Smart Phone or Tablet and a Bluetooth enabled Mobile Printer
  2. The Parking Marshal informs the driver on the parking fees rates and pertinent ordinances when applicable .The driver pays by cash or the WAVE - P reloadable smart card (see following )
  3. When fees are paid the Parking Marshal will enter the LPN of the parking vehicle the amount paid and will print an invoice on his mobile printer. The invoice is handed over to the driver
  4. On the invoice all relevant information such as LPN  , start time , end time etc is printed
  5. The driver will put the invoice on the dashboard as a proof of payment for the inspector (Compliance officer) to view
  6. All the information is simultaneously sent to the server


Inspection (Compliance )


  1. The parking officer can verify enforcement using the information clearly printed on the invoice
  2. In the absence of an invoice correctly placed on the dashboard or in case of doubt the parking officer can enter the LPN to the application and the system will returned a Paid/Non Paid answer . The system can also notified the parking officer in case payment is not required e.g the driver holds a valid permit , a disabled driver , resident etc
  3. If the system return a "Non Paid" message the parking officer can proceed to issue a ticket





Issuing a ticket


  1. The parking officer uses his smart phone application to issue and print the ticket
  2. The smart phone application provided the parking officer with convenient scroll down menus enabling efficient , error fee and quick data entry ( address , car make , color , violation type etc )
  3. 3 pictures of the infringing vehicle are taken
  4. A tickets are stored on the main server
  5. Driver can view the tickets and make on line payment using a credit card


Reloading the EasyPark Personal Parking Meter 


In cities using the EasyPark Personal Parking Meter the parking officer can also reload the device with addditional pre-paid parking fees . This option is particularily important when users do not use credit cards or do not have good Internet access at home 






                                                               Using a tablet to load the EasyPark 

      Presonal Parking Meter