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Parking being a limited resource affect every aspect of life in our city including land use , traffic , business activity and even air pollution . With our EasyPark  fully Integrated Parking Management System (IPMS ) we provide a comprehensive set of tools for managing parking fee collection , enforcement and all the way up to real time analytics and central control


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Private Operators


If you manage a residential parking facility or plan to transform an empty
parking lot into a profitable parking operation we can provide you with a cost effective , easy to use and implement solution . You can also setup an operation built around our EasyPark Private solution matching private parking space owner and drivers looking for a parking space
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One of the biggest problems facing universities is managing their limited parking facilities in an equitable and efficient manner , The EasyPark PPM is the ideal solution providing a pay per per hour solution for departmental vehicle , suppliers , part time students and staff as a simple to operate , no infrastructure cashless solution


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"Off street"private facilities 


With the EasyPark system    parking lots can be made to accept payments on the mobile phone improving the quality of service to the drivers and increasing the efficiency of the parking facility operation , Adopting the available infrastructure to be able to accept mobile payment is simple and straightforward


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